About noteNbuy

You are shopping online for gym wear and come across a nice shirt, which you don't need immediately. However, next time while shopping for shirts you would definitely like to keep it as an option for purchase. But, next time while actually shopping you don’t remember the exact details about it or forget the site where you saw it. Locating it in multiple wishlists across online stores is another problem.

With multitude of choices it becomes difficult for us to remember each and every item we saw online. It would be so much easier to note them down as a list and refer to it before making a purchase.

noteNbuy helps you organize your online shopping list by saving all your wishlists at one place as notes. You can create notes for different seasons, occasions, even gift lists for later purchase. You can set reminders for special occasion and make purchase on designated date.

Organize your shopping list, plan your purchases, clinch best deals in Sales and enjoy hassle free shopping! Create your account today!

What is noteNbuy?

What is noteNbuy?